Waiting on the weather …..

….. now that the freight has arrived.

The cargo ship that the freight was on has finally arrived – and would you believe it, we’ve had a red bus scenario.

Not only did one freighter arrive, two did, together with a cruise liner – so the port is very busy.

The instrumentation arrived in one piece, and has been delivered to and loaded onto the fisheries research vessel Aquepeligo.

The five instrument platforms and the “just in case” spare have been assembled.

And stowed on the vessel’s working deck.

All that remains to do is get to some deepish water, test the releases and install them and these instruments are ready to go.

The items, like the shipping frames, that we do not need have been stored for the 2 months these instruments will be on the seabed – as there is little reason to ship it back to the UK, to ship it back to the Azores again.

All to be done know, as we are ready to leap into deployment action at a moment’s notice – is to wait for the weather.

Its currently quite windy, which is good for sailing, but not good for trying to get instruments that weight ~250 kg safely into the sea.

This is the wind strength map for the North Atlantic at the moment.

The red “blob” is storm Dennis that is currently battering the UK with it’s winds of 50 knots and above.

The Azores are in the green area to the south where the winds are still above 15 knots.

Although the local wind might not be that strong, or that strong for a larger vessel, it is quite strong for a smaller vessel, and worse still is the swell that storm Dennis leaves it in its wake.

So we are now waiting for a weather window, and here it comes …… the forecast for ……

…. Tuesday.


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