First of the …..

….. post-COVID era.

Well, finally, we are back at what we do best – deploying seabed instrumentation.

And here is the first of the post-COVID era – back to the Azores for a six instrument deployment for five months, to record micro-earthquakes associated with volcanic eruptions around the islands in the Azores archipelago.

This one had a little help from the Portuguese Navy.

We are going to let them, and the media professionals of Portuguese TV News tell you what happened.

First the Navy, who provided the vessel for the deployment.

Courtesy of the Navy Media Feed.

And then Portuguese TV who interviewed the scientists involved as well the Director of the Institute in the Azores who are providing support and onshore facilities.

Mobilisation in port : Courtesy of the Portuguese TV News.

Deployment at sea : Courtesy of the Portuguese TV News.

The team are on their way home now to prepare for their next, much bigger deployment in November – which has to ship soon. But they will be back in the Azores at the end of January to collect the instruments just deployed.

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