That’s a wrap …..

….. for now.

Now we’ve made it back to port we have to tidy up all the equipment that doesn’t get deployed, together with the spare platform that we brought with us in case we needed spares if anything got broken during shipping.

Given the relatively short deployment time, and that shipping to/from the UK takes about 2 weeks each way, we have arranged to leave this equipment in Horta until we return for the recovery.

So, having packed it onto a flatbed lorry – and yes we really did bring a fire extinguisher with us, its a special kind for the batteries we have – its all off to storage.

Its all being stored in a big shed in the harbour, apparently next to the back-up pilot boat – perhaps this shed is a museum?

The Azores are a stopping-off point for sailing boats undertaking trans-Atlantic crossings.

We’ve been round quite a few of the Atlantic islands in our time, and all of them have quay adorned with graphics painted by the crews of all the yachts and cargo boats that visit – its seems to be traditional.

Quite a few have been to Horta.

And so have those attempting to harness the power of the oceans – an abandoned wave turbine power station has washed-up nearby

Its amazing what you find when you go for a walk around harbours.

Next stop – the airport for the flight home.

This deployment was supposed to take a week – end-to-end.

The weather put paid to that and we’ve ended up staying for two.

Those in the lab at home have had to change our flights to accommodate this extension, and now we have to take a rather circuitous island hopping route home, because no other flights are available …… but at least we’ll get to spend the night on one of the other Azores islands – there is always an upside

We’ll be back in two months’ time to pick these instrument platforms up and see how many earthquakes they have recorded.

Currently the land stations are recording two largish events per day, so up close and personal on the seabed, our instruments should record quite a few more than that.

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