Signing off …


As the above two images show, we have now reached Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago. This is the end of the 13N research experiment port of call, and where we have to pack up our equipment into the two shipping containers that we have had stored on an upper deck since we left Southampton.

We have a lot of equipment and it generally only goes in in one way and so we have to plan the packing and make sure that we pack to the plan.

So here we are …. packing done, everything strapped and ready to shut the container doors so that they can be restowed back on the upper deck for the transit back to the UK, where it will arrive on the 23rd April and we will meet it and arrange for its road haulage back to our lab in Durham, (UK).

We would like to say a very big thank you to the ship’s Master, officers, engineers and crew, together with the technical staff of the National Marine Facility and Exploration Electronics Ltd, who have helped us with great skill, good humour and professionalism throughout this experiment – you have been a pleasure to work with and we hope to sail with you all again soon.

So this is us signing off …… and here is the team that brought you this blog! We hope that you enjoyed reading about our latest adventure.

Until the next time ……


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