23 days in …..

….. and today marks the first full day of the second half of the research experiment.

But where have we been?


This is the entire vessel’s track since we arrived in the work area on the 19th January. And the yellow dot shows you where we currently are heading along the last two profiles in the streamer survey. We should be done by 10:00 GMT tomorrow. Then we have to recover the 58 OBSs sitting on the seabed which will take 3-4 days if we did nothing but that continuously, but the plan is to interleave these recoveries with Autosub dives and so it could take a week!

As you can see we’ve been round and round in quite a few boxes, circles, weaves, turns and shimmies.

It perhaps makes more sense to just show the bits related to the various OBS activities we have been doing.


The above map shows the tracks associated with just the OBS deployments and recoveries made to date – 65 deployments and 7 recoveries.

The recoveries are easy to spot as the are very loopy and the vessel has to keep station and wait while each instrument ascends to the surface. The deployments are just drop-and-go.

This deployment and recovery set was done in multiple stages, which is also a bit unusual, as they were interleaved around Autosub deployment and recoveries. Each stage has been coloured differently to show you how the pattern built up over successive days, and the lines start and end at Autosub dive ends and starts.

The track pattern for the 58 recoveries will be far more impressive and look a lot like knitting. We’ll post it when we are done!

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