How many? …..

What else do we need apart from all the scientific equipment?

The RRS James Cook can accommodate 52 crew, technicians and scientists in total.

The 13N project starts on the 27th Dec when the Cook leaves Southampton and undertakes a series of equipment tests – or trials – en route to the Cape Verde islands where the main scientific party will embark and some of the trials technicians will disembark, to be replaced by those assigned for the 13N cruise itself.

So part of the planning has to include the victuals required for 52 people for the entire period until we get to Port of Spain on the 24th Feb.

Activities on the ship will gradually wind down in the run up to Christmas Eve and as part of this the victuals – the food and drink – and bunkers – fuel – are being loaded today.

A top-up of fuel will also be taken when we get to the Cape Verde, before the Atlantic transit starts for real.

Between 27th Dec and 24th Feb there are up to 3120 meals to prepare by the vessel’s galley staff; 3120 sets of washing-up to be done by the stewards; and 416 bed linen and towel laundry washes, dries, and irons.

And we think the scientific equipment is a big job to organise, prepare and deliver!

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