And then ….. it snowed

We were nearly there ….. and then the weather intervened.

Minus 4 degrees C and 2″ of snow in Durham, while in Southampton where the RRS James Cook is currently berthed, its in double figures temperature-wise. That’s the British weather for you.

Our facility is located in a lab on the centre of Durham University’s Science Site. The road through that site is, today, an ice sheet. And tomorrow, at 07:00, we will need to not only get a large crane in here, but also two 40′ lorries – one for the two containers and one for the 7 tonnes of ballast which will need pallet trucking across the yard, on ice!

We can but dream of the 25-30 degrees C it will be in Mindelo in a month’s time at the start of the cruise.

The Science Site under ice and snow.


The yard adjacent to our lab – its icier underfoot here than the dusting of snow suggests!


And we have an incline adjacent – also currently covered in ice!


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